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Morgan Strebler's Ice Cold System is one of the only systems that has been designed from the ground up to work in the real world, with 10 years of experience and constant evolution, it is now ready to be released. 

Imagine using any Tarot Deck, Runes, Palm, or even regular playing cards (or no oracle at all) and being able to tell names and secrets that have happened to them, medications they take, sexual orientation, and exact problems when they were children, even certain gambling pleasures of theirs, and doing it completely cold! 

 Nothing is ever written down or said, no actual mentalism or magic gimmicks techniques or subtleties are used. 
The Ice Cold System was made with one goal in mind, to go up to anyone anywhere anytime, or even over the phone, and be able to tell them secrets about themselves, using life events that they have never told anyone! 

With no fishing, no Barnum statements, and again – no magic ploys used whatsoever.

...I'd recommend Morgan's Ice Cold to the serious practitioner. While you may not agree with everything, there is no doubt that his readings are very powerful and effective. 
Bob Cassidy 

...Anyone who is serious about cold reading should certainly take the time to look at and absorb the ice cold techniques. 
Marc Salem 

...This rates as first class. The Ice Cold Techniques allow you to demonstrate the uncanny ability to enter one's mind. This is not mere mentalism, it is cold reading on steroids
 Luca Volpe

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